One Big Sky Center in Billings, MT



One Big Sky Center is a multi-million dollar city block renovation project coming to the heart of downtown Billings Montana with a scheduled completion date in 2019. OBSC will contain apartments, retail shopping, hotel, office space and much more, and is walking distance from many restaurants, shopping and the medical corridor. One Big Sky Center will also create over 500 new jobs and spur other development activities in Billings and Western Inn Billings is in a walking distance of 3 block away.

One Big Sky Center as a whole will feature the following blocks:
APARTMENTS (160 units)
HOTEL (160 rooms)

29th Street closes off into a flexible use pedestrian mall featuring a Brewery, restaurant, coffee, first run feature film Movie Theater and retail in a high end, Trailhead to Montana style, environment. Western Inn Billings is located at a walking distance at 33rd street just couple of block away from OBSC.

From OBSC you will be able to see views of the Beartooth Mountains, Yellowstone River, the Rims and much more.

OBSC  will be located in the heart of downtown Billings few blocks away from us. The 70,000 square foot development footprint lies between First Avenue and Second Avenue; and between 30th Street and 28th Street.
One Big Sky Center’s location in downtown Billings makes it convenient for commuting to work, traveling to the airport, or even taking a quick day trip to the Beartooth Mountains or Yellowstone National Park.

One Big Sky Center’s location in downtown Billings provides so many amenities within a short distance walk. Within 5 minutes you have access to:

Grocery Stores / Shopping
Restaurants / Bars
Employers / Businesses

Resource: OBSC Official website

Billings, Montana-Exploring the Climate!

Exploring the climate of billing montana

Have you got any recent plans visiting Montana? If yes, knowing the climatic condition is a must!
3 miles away from Billings Logan International Airport, the straightforward motels are situated. Non-residents may think of Montana as an icebox. The stateholds the record of having the most extreme temperatures, wind, and bitterly cold winter weather conditions. Although it is very cold in Montana, partly because of its geographical location, it has a wide variety of climatic conditions. In fact, Montana seldom has a consistent climate. Due to the variation, you won’t feel the effect of high humidity, hotness and coldness for a long time. The temperature ranges from 28°F to 84.5°F between the months of July and January.

Top 7 things to do with families in Montana


Montana is one of the biggest states in America and everything you get here is big including the big mountains, big lakes, big sky and altogether a big fun for your family. If you are visiting Montana this time of the year then you will get to do a lot of outdoor activities that will make your family vacation a memorable one.

From great Prairies of the east to the steep Rocky Mountains of the west; there are lots of adventurous places to visit here in Montana. Relax Montana style in destinations with luxurious accommodation here and get set to have lots of Montanan fun with some amazing places to go.

Here is our list of Top 7 Family Friendly activities in Montana.

9 Montana Backpacking Trips: A guide to the various trails


There’s something heavenly about waking up at a hotel around a countryside and then planning to camp near a quiet lake or alpine cirque with panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and nature all around. There are many places like this in the Big Sky State of Montana that we can call the “Montana Experience”.


Let us discuss some of the favorites trail around this incredible city. Montana has incredibly varied terrain, so I have mentioned different regions as well as different levels of difficulty and distance.

Traveling a Long Distance? Go Through This Blog First


A long distance travel can sometimes be full of excitement and all in all may get messed up on rare occasions. So you need to have a well-planned trip before you hit the road. Traveling a long distance can be a fun, and sometimes exhausting as well, be it a solo travel or a tour with your friends, family or a partner. No matter where you are planning to go, studying well about the place and route is vital. Have all the amenities required for a comfortable and safe travel! Be well-prepared!

Things You Might Not Know About Yellowstone National Park

Things You Might Not Know About Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is famous for the first ever born national park in the world with more than 2 million acres of mountain wilderness, amazing geysers and vibrant landscapes for future generations to enjoy. Everyone should travel to Yellowstone National Park at least once in a lifetime. The park is home to exotic species of flora and fauna. Besides this, there are lots of things that aren’t known about this national treasure and everyone must give a thought of going to these places:

Explore the Most Beautiful Towns in Montana

Explore the Most Beautiful Towns in Montana

Are you planning a trip to Montana? Get ready for exploring the most naturally beautiful state which has such a diverse, rural culture. It is also known as “Treasure State”.  The fourth largest state by area, it ranks 44th in population, and averages fewer than 7 humans per square mile. Montana is rich in mountains, lakes, wildlife and rivers. This state offers a plenty of activities like hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, dude ranching and many more. Apart from these famous outdoor activities, there are lots of amazing towns you shouldn’t miss to hunt. So, let’s check out some of the awesome towns in Montana.

Fun Vacation with Friends in Montana

Fun vacation with friends in Montana

Well, Montana is really a beautiful place for any nature lover,with high mountains, amazing lakes, and parks. From the great prairies of the east to the steep Rocky Mountains of the west, there is a vast diversity in activities.Most of the visitors come here to experience the outdoor activities, the indoor activities that are equally fun. Check out these lists of fun activities you can do with your friends and kids while you are in Montana.

Get ready for an amazing collection of big fun activities with your friends!

Interesting Places to visit in Montana


One of the largest states in the U.S., Montana is famous for its natural mountains, parks, lakes and rivers. You can explore plenty of places in this natural state. So, get ready to visit the following stunning places in Montana and relax to the fullest.

Moss Mansion
Built in 1903, Moss Mansion was designed by a prominent architect. This huge, red-sandstone mansion has been shown on different movies. It has several architectural designs inside that are worth seeing. You can view original draperies, the interiors and fixtures work of art. You can also have a very interesting hour long guided tour. Docents are very knowledgeable and well worth seeing.